Help us raise awareness about Type 1 Diabetes by showing other kids with T1D that they can have a happy, normal life! Proceeds from the sale of our products go towards sending children to diabetes camps.


You can help by purchasing our products and help Charlotte send T1D kids to diabetes camp. You can also choose to donate money to her cause!


Connect with Charlotte on Facebook or Instagram to follow her journey in sending children to diabetes camp. Charlotte attends many events to raise funds so be sure to check out her event calendar.

Our Mission

Powered by Insulin is the creation of 10-year old named Charlotte and was inspired by her Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis in August of 2017. Acknowledging that this diagnosis can often feel a bit scary at first, it became Charlotte’s goal to break down barriers for other children living with T1D and to support them as much as she could. By increasing awareness about Type 1 Diabetes and by actively working to support children living with this condition, it is Powered by Insulin’s goal to show children and their families that their condition need not restrict them from living a happy and fulfilling life. One way in which we work to achieve this goal is by providing the opportunity for children to attend summer camps that are specifically designed and staffed for children with diabetes. Due to the requirements of this condition, the cost can, unfortunately, be prohibitive to some. It is Charlotte’s hope that she can help send as many kids to camp as possible. Proceeds from the sales of our products goes directly to helping send kids living with T1D to summer camps.

Charlotte knows that diabetes can be scary, but she also knows that she won't let it get her down. Her mission includes showing you that she can live with T1D and so can you. Charlotte is determined to show everyone that her T1D won’t define her, so why should it define you? Continue to follow Charlotte's story on her social media platforms!

About Type 1 Diabetes

Formerly referred to as ‘juvenile diabetes’, Type 1 Diabetes is an autoimmune disease that has no known prevention or cure. According to Canadian statistics, there are currently over 300 000 Canadians living with Type 1 Diabetes, 33 000 of whom are children, affecting approximately 22 out of every 100 000 children born. Due to the nature of the illness, the body is not able to produce insulin, a vital hormone that helps the body to regulate blood glucose levels. Unregulated glucose levels can cause a myriad to symptoms, from mild to severe, and even fatal if left unchecked. For those living with this conditions, frequent monitoring of blood sugar levels and manual insulin injection (or via pump), and meticulous meal planning are essential to living a healthy life. But the important part is - it is going to be ok. With proper care, T1D need not restrict any child from living a healthy, active, normal life.


4th Annual Abby Fund Fashion Show

Charlotte was very honored to appear as a model in the 4th Annual Abby Fund Fashion Show after being gifted her dream dress from this wonderful organization.

The Abby Fund is a program started in 2015 by the clothing line EvelynnBNS, to help lift the spirits of children suffering from illness or disability. They volunteer their time to meet with children in the hospital to design their dream dress or superhero cape, which is then brought to life.

Each year they host a fashion show, where local Abby Fund recipients are invited to model their very own creations on the runway! All proceeds from this event are put towards covering costs of materials and fabrics to continue this program!